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September 2017 Archives

Insurance claims denials may leave Florida residents hurting

Though weeks have passed since Hurricane Irma made its way across Florida, many individuals continue to struggle. Now, financial issues may pose a considerable challenge as parties work to repair damage to homes and other property. Even those who have coverage and file insurance claims may find themselves facing difficulties when it comes to obtaining needed assistance in this area.

Fatal car accidents could lead to claims against estates

In the event that a person considered at fault for a car crash dies in the incident, many individuals may think that they do not have the opportunity to seek compensation for damages resulting from the incident. However, many car accidents have such outcomes, and surviving parties who were seriously injured in the crash or families of other victims could still pursue reparations. In such cases, these parties could file claims against the estate of the driver deemed responsible.

Personal injury during Irma cleanup may add further hardships

Natural disasters can easily cause hundreds of people to suffer tremendously. Even after a serious event such as Hurricane Irma, Florida residents could still be at risk of encountering dangerous situations. Many individuals attempting to return home and rebuild may feel lucky to have survived, but they could also still be at risk of suffering personal injury.

Florida truck accident causes semi driver to suffer injuries

When a driver is operating a vehicle with equipment that is not in working order, the driver as well as other travelers are placed at risk. For instance, if a vehicle's brake lights do not work, a car or truck accident could easily take place. This type of accident could lead to serious outcomes, and individuals could end up suffering harm.

Enjoying the open road could lead to serious injuries for bikers

Motorcycles are a popular mode of transportation, and many people enjoy the freedom and fun that these vehicles provide. While motorcycles have the right to share the road, sadly, many other Florida drivers do not believe they should. The reckless and negligent actions of other drivers often cause accidents, leaving innocent bikers and passengers injured.

Fatal car accidents may warrant legal action in Florida

Making sense of serious accidents rarely comes easy to anyone. Many individuals attempt to understand why car accidents and other incidents take place, especially when a loved one is killed as a result, but it is often difficult to find the desired answers. Unfortunately, many people are often left grieving and hoping to find the best way to contend with such events.

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