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August 2017 Archives

Car accidents with serious outcomes may warrant legal action

Head-on collisions often have serious outcomes for the individuals involved. These car accidents can happen due to various circumstances, and it is not unusual for serious injuries to leave many people struggling. When such injuries or fatalities result from this type of accident, it may be reasonable for negatively affected parties to look into their legal options.

Jon, Kate Gosselin have child custody spat over daughter

Having eight children can cause parents to face considerable challenges in life. When the parents are divorced and do not get along amicably, it may not come as much surprise that child custody issues come about. Florida residents may be interested in such a situation that recently took place between former reality tv personalities Jon and Kate Gosselin.

Florida car accidents: Multi-car crash causes serious injuries

Many individuals who find themselves involved in an accident feel that the event was unexpected. Of course, many car accidents take place suddenly, and travelers often have little time to react. These incidents can often involve multiple vehicles and people, and they can cause those individuals to suffer serious injuries as a result.

Facial injuries common among nursing home residents

Would it surprise you to learn that nursing home facilities are not doing enough to prevent falls that can lead to serious injuries? That's the finding from a recent study by the Journal of the American Medical Association. The researchers reported that traumatic facial injuries are fairly common in nursing homes due to their lack of fall prevention.

High-asset divorce: Pratt, Faris finances could add complexities

It is not unusual for celebrity relationship problems to catch the eyes of many Florida residents. These breakups can often result in pages of speculation concerning where the marriages may have gone wrong. Additionally, many people find the high\-asset divorce scenarios particularly compelling as they may apply to their own lives and fortunes.

Avoid the pain of learning your prenuptial agreement is invalid

A prenuptial agreement may not be something that many Florida couples believe to be a necessity. Often associated with the rich and famous, many people believe that they do not really need it because they do not have significant financial resources or a lot of money. In reality, it can be a beneficial step for every couple before marriage, regardless of income level. 

A doctor's mistake or negligence is not your fault

When you submit yourself or a loved one to the care of a doctor, it is with the expectation that he or she will provide quality care. Florida doctors, nurses, surgeons and other types of care providers have the responsibility to meet a reasonable standard of care, and when they violate that responsibility, innocent people can suffer.

Florida car accidents: 2 critically injured after being struck

Many individuals utilize their free time to carry out typical daily activities, like going to the bank. While this type of task may seem mundane, circumstances could change in an instant due to car accidents. In just a matter of moments, a person could go from attending to a daily chore to suffering severe injuries.

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