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July 2017 Archives

Child custody complications may worry Florida parents

It is no secret that members of the military often go through difficult ordeals. In many cases, the thoughts of their families back home are among the only things that keep their heads up during time of war and sacrifice. Unfortunately, some military members may face family issues, and an ex could potentially try to use certain aspects of military service against a person during child custody proceedings.

Florida high-asset divorce: Will business valuation play a role?

Placing the value on any particular asset can be difficult in many cases. When the situation involves business valuation, Florida company owners may have a variety of aspects to consider and potential methods of valuation to explore before coming to a value. Determining the best manner in which to determine this amount may prove particularly useful in the event of a high\-asset divorce.

Florida car accidents: Wrong-way driving can cause fatal outcomes

Motor vehicle accidents are a common cause of lost lives. The ways in which car accidents take place vary, but in many instances, they result from drivers operating their vehicles in ways that put themselves and others at serious risk. Driving under the influence, distracted driving, reckless driving and many other factors can all contribute to fatal crashes.

Safeguarding the future of your children with guidance

The end of a marriage is often one of the most stressful and challenging life changes a person may ever experience. With numerous crucial aspects to cover during this process, you might have concerns about the impact divorce could have on the future, perhaps especially if there are kids involved.

High-asset divorce: Dixie Chicks musician, actor call it quits

Though ending a marriage can be difficult for anyone, Florida residents with considerable wealth often feel as if they have a more complex situation to handle. It is true that property division can create more issues during a high\-asset divorce as individuals typically want to ensure that they come out with the best results. Luckily, people in such situations do have legal options that could help them achieve their goals.

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