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Is my hotel liable for my injuries?

When you are a guest in a Florida hotel, you likely have several expectations. You expect that the amenities advertised will be available to you; you expect your room to be the size and condition promised by your reservation; you expect that you will be able to relax.

Unfortunately, this doesn't always happen. Guests in a hotel can suffer serious injuries or illnesses in or around their hotel that cause problems long after check-out. If these injuries or illnesses are the result of negligence or reckless on the part of the hotel, it may be liable for damages. However, there are limitations. Below, we look at common situations in which a hotel may and may not be legally accountable.

In accordance with Florida laws, a hotel may be held accountable if:

  • A guest slips on a wet floor in the lobby (provided there is no sign warning of the slippery floor)
  • Improper food preparation causes food poisoning
  • Guests are injured in a faulty or broken elevator
  • Someone drowns in a pool that does not meet state safety regulations
  • A dangerous animal on the property bites or attacks a guest

A hotel may not be liable for:

  • Injuries to a person who has been lawfully removed from the premises
  • Injuries stemming from a trip, slip or fall while a guest is in a restricted area
  • Injuries caused by a guest's own intoxication or dangerous behavior
  • Loss of money, jewelry, precious stones, clothes and other property, unless the loss stems from hotel employee or operator negligence
  • Property damage in a well-lit, reasonably safe parking lot

It is important to understand that these examples represent general, common types of injuries or damages suffered in a hotel. It is by no means an exhaustive list, and there are specifications and exceptions that will impact liability.

Determining whether a hotel is, in fact, liable for damages you suffer in an accident during your stay will depend on the details of your specific situation. In order to understand if a hotel is liable, and to calculate the damages you may be able to pursue, it will be critical to discuss your case with a Florida personal injury attorney.

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